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Some folks think Charter Arms has gone to the dogs - a long time ago. However, I recently went shopping for a pitbull and found one in 9mm: This unique revolver is the only one currently on the market (AFAIK) that does not need a moon clip to hold the 9mm rounds.

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The Undercover Lite® Double-Action Revolver from Charter Arms® is constructed with a tough, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and a stainless steel cylinder, and barrel. Incredibly lightweight and corrosion–resistant, this revolver makes it an ideal concealed carry weapon.

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Dec 01, 2018 · It should be noted that Charter Arms does not recommend +P 9mm ammo be fired in the Pitbull. Their claim is that you won’t gain much performance in a snub nose and the hotter rounds will cause quicker wear and tear.

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Shop online for the best selection and prices of Charter Arms handguns and pistols at Hinterland Outfitters. Stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your pistol too.

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Our belt holsters are available for many gun models from many different manufacturers, and in regular or high ride designs. You can also choose from concealable OWB belt holsters that have a neutral cant or those that have a butt-forward cant, and we have a number of styles that can accommodate different barrel lengths built on the same frame.

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Ain't no sucha thang, you say. Yes there is, and I own one. It is the Charter Arms Pitbull snubbie in 40 S&W caliber. Charter arms deals with the concept of using rimless ammo in a revolver by a mechanical construct which projects little tabs out of the ejection star to grab the cartridges by their rebated-rim channel for ejection.

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The Charter Arms Pitbull .40 Rimless Revolver is based on the five-shot .44 Special Pitbull, a handgun known for plenty of bang for the buck. (Image Courtesy of Charter Arms) The Charter Pit Bull .40 Rimless Revolver uses spring-loaded detents to retain the cartridges, maintaining a consistent headspace.
Speer Lawman 9mm 147gr SilencerCo Hybrid with 13x1 LH piston Results The 9mm barrel works great with the 40/357sig slide, mag and recoil spring. Granted the recoil with the 147gr bullets seems very very soft. The spent round ejection also was very soft. The 40/357sig casings flew much further than the 9mm casings.
Jul 25, 2014 · A 9mm bullet should, certainly, hold at 25 (or more) lb. Larger caliber bullets should hold up to 40-45 lb. If your 9mm ammo has crimps that won't resist 25 lb. of hand pressure then, for certain, your taper crimps are too weak. Depending upon which manufacturer's dies you are using a finished 9mm round will often have an hourglass shape to it.
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Best Reviews Charter Arms Pitbull And 9mm Reloading Kit Charter Arms Pitbull And

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CHA 79942 PIT Bull 4.2IN SS AS Revolver. Out of stock View Details ... Charter Arms 73802 PIT Bull 380 SS Revolver. Out of stock View Details ... 9mm (4) Action. Double Action (27) Revolver (5) Single Action (6) Single Shot (5) Single/Double Action (51) Barrel Length. 0.50in to 1.99in (1)
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